20+ Best Eye Makeup Tips Like A Pro For Flawless Look

Best Eye Makeup Tips

An eye is a part that can rock your look! For a perfect eye makeup, you don’t need to be a beauty expert. There are some tips & tricks to keep in mind while doing eye makeup so that you can avoid mistakes. Read out these best eye makeup tips before doing your next makeover.


There are several parts of an eye to apply makeup. You should know about all these parts.

  • Brow Bone
  • Crease
  • Eyelid
  • Upper Eyelash
  • Lower Eyelash
  • Outer
  • Waterline
  • Tearduct

Carefully read all these best eye makeup tips and keep in mind while doing eye makeup.

1Should Clear Where To Apply What

You should be clear about parts of your eye where you will be applying eye makeup, such as where to apply eyeshadeseyelinermascara, concealer? After knowing “where” then come towards “how”! How to use these eye makeup products on your eyes carefully, to enhance your personality.

2Make Neat & Clean Eyebrows

An eyebrow is an import part of your eye, it neither more thick nor thin. Although you can not get fully refined eyebrows by your on hand, you required a pro eye makeup artist for it.

3Curl Your Eyelashes To Get Bigger Eyes

Bigger eyes with prominent eyelashes attract more! Curl your eyelashes outward, using an eyelashes curler to make your eyes look bigger.

4Apply Concealer On your Eyelids

If your eye is reddish, oily or veiny, then apply some concealer on your eye before applying any eye shade. Proper blend the concealer.

5Apply White Pencil Under The Eyebrow

To get more refined eyebrows, apply white pencil under your eyebrow on the eyebrow bone and blend it well.

6Apply Illuminator Above The Eyebrow

Similarly, apply illuminator above your eyebrow for a proper lift of the brow.


7Apply Powder Or White Eyeshade As Base

Before apply colored eyeshade matching your dress, you should apply power or white eyeshade on your eyelid as a base color. It will make your eyelid surface clean, and colored eye shade will pop out.

8Apply Perfect Eyeshades

After applying a base (white eyeshadow or powder) now choose a brush and eyeshade for your eye. Apply dark shade in the crease and light shade at the center of the eye. Then blend them well with flat eyeshade-brush.


9Chose A Perfect Eyeliner Shade

There are several eye colors by nature such as brown eyes, black eyes, hazel eyes, gray eyes and blue eyes. You should apply an eyeliner color that is near to your eye-color. It will make your natural eye color more attractive for the viewers.

Note: Black eyeliner is a classic for routine use.


10Carefully Apply Eyeliner

Nevertheless, your eye shape is round, hooded, close-set, wide-set or almond! The trick is same to work correctly with all these types.

When applying eyeliner (under or above), don’t firmly close your eyes, slightly turn your face while seeing in the mirror. Choose a perfect eyeliner brush, then apply some dots under and above of your eyelashes (4-5 small dots). Afterward, join these dots with touching your eyelashes. Make a slight curve at the edge.

11Apply Mascara

Apply two coats of mascara for a better look. When applying the first layer, let it dry. After that apply 2nd coat for a decent look. Start it by applying mascara from the base of eyelash to outwards, at the edge of eyelash slightly turn the mascara rush.


12. For a smoky eye makeup, apply black eyeshadow as a base over your eyelid. Then put colored eyeshadow and blend it well.

13. When applying eyeshadow, put medium pressure on the eyelid and light pressure at the crease side.

14. For the rocking look, apply two colors of mascara and blend then at the joining point.

15. Apply colored pencil (white, nude or black pencil) on the waterline it will create an illusion, and your eyes will look bigger than before.

16. For thicker eyelashes look, apply eyeliner in between your eyelashes. It will create a simple but perfect look.

17. Do proper contouring. Use light and dark contouring kits. Apply light contouring on the forehead, chin and under your eyes and nose, and dark contouring at the jaw line and one the neck.

18. For glowing look, apply a thin line of colored eyeshadow under your lower eyelash below the black liner.

19. The most flattering eyebrows are according to your face shape.

20. You may use a spoon while applying mascara on lower eyelash without getting any on the skin.


Eyes are the sensitive part of the body. Don’t compromise with it while removing eye make-up. There are few hacks you should know about eye makeup removal and save you eyes from getting redness or harm.


1. Don’t rub your eye; it will create redness.

2. Don’t wash your face until you remove all eye makeup.

3. Take a facial cleanser, put some on the one finger and apply on the eyelid. Don’t merge properly.

4. Take a cotton ball and remove cleanser from your eye, along with it eyeshadow will be removed.

5. Don’t rub the cotton ball. Only swipe it over your eyelid.

6. Do the same with another eye.

7. You may use Ear-Buds to remove from inner corners where the cotton ball could not reach.

8. Now, remove rest of the makeup by washing your face.

9. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face.

10. Then, use a soft towel to dry your face.

11. Apply moisturizer to pamper your skin.

12. You may use your eye cream if you need more relief to your eyes.

PRO TIP: After removing all makeup from your face, take a cotton ball and soak it in pure milk then swipe it on all your face. Milk will protect your skin from makeup chemicals.

Everybody want to look beautiful! Eyes are more visible part of our face. Makeup can enhance your beauty. Follow the above mentioned best eye makeup tips 2017 for your eyes to get more beautiful eyes in short time with a natural look. Keep in mind blending is the key. When using eyeshades, concealer or contouring, do proper blending because it will reflect natural look.