Before getting to point, think of Rooney Mara or Scarlett Johansson. Both have unreal skin tone. Their effortless but gorgeous look will remind you the Bobbi Brown makeup! Love it. It’s like how makeup in movies look, where it just enhances their features and doesn’t look like it is masking anything.

If you have hormonal skin that is sensitive, dry and acne-prone, below mentioned glowing skin routines will work best.



Lather your face with castor oil then wipe off with a hot washcloth. Then use an acne scrub.


Shave the entire face with a sharp razor – even forehead. This will make your skin soft and fuzz free and the foundation will look much smoother on your skin.



Sterilize your razor before and after each time you shave. Keep a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to spritz the razor.


Using a salicylic acid product afterward makes a big difference. Jack Black Bump Fix is awesome and lasts forever. It’s very watery, so just put a little on a cotton ball and dab it over your face on shaved area. It does have a little bit of alcohol in it, but not much – helps to kill any possible lingering bacteria on your face.

BONUS: If you are prone to ingrown hairs in other areas, this stuff helps with that too.


Let your face be dry completely then spritz face with rosewater. While my skin is still damp, apply thick moisturizing oil on the face. Added moisture from the rose water helps the absorption of the cream.

BONUS: When you are going outside then apply sunblock in place of the moisturizer as a primer.


Apply the Signature Real Complete BB Cream from Missha all over the face with fingers in a thick layerAlways go for foundations that boast dewy/hydrated skin.


At this point, it should look like you are wearing someone else’s skin ha-ha. Smooth everything out with a beauty blender.

NOTE: Do not apply a setting powder all over your face – this kills the dewiness.


Do apply a powder under your eyes to set concealer. After that, add the powder blush and highlighter. It seems to lock in the foundation. UD’s afterglow is recommended as a highlighter as it’s very dense and shimmery.

NOTE: A fan brush is a must for applying highlighter. It is hard to apply it with your fingers, jeez.


Also, nice skin starts from within. So, limit refined sugars and drink shit tons of water.


Eat 11g of hydrolyzed collagen peptides daily (powdered supplement you add to drinks) and it seems to really even out your skin tone.

Hope our glowing skin routines will help you a lot! Keep visiting us.